Section's Conference

Conferences of the Phycology Section

Every other year - inbetween the international Botanikertagung - the Section organizes a scientific conference to discuss latest reaserch results.

Next Meetings

The upcoming Conference of the Phycology Section will take place in Berchtesgaden, Germany, 11th to 14th March 2018. Before that, a member assembly will be held at the international Botanikertagung, which will be held next in Kiel, Germany, in 2017.

Past Meetings

The archives lists past Section's meetings. including images and conference gleanings.

Other Conferences

Workshop & Training School: Macroalgae-Bacteria Interactions

The Workshop and Training School "Crossing the kingdoms: Macroalgae-Bacteria Interactions" will be held at the University of Jena, Germany, from 11th to 15th September 2017. The Topic of the Workshop is entitled "Macroalgae-bacteria interactions promoting algal growth and development" and the Topic of the Training School in Analytical Chemistry is entitled "Chemistry of macroalgae: Exploring the chemical nature of seaweed-microbial interactions". Both are organited by Dr. Thomas Wichard on behalf of the European COST ACTION Phycomorph research group.

Deadline for registration is 31st March 2017.

Details: Phycomorph (pdf)


10. Bundesalgenstammtisch

Optimierung von Produktionsverfahren mit Mikroalgen

Merseburg, Deutschland

11. - 12. September 2017

Der jährlich stattfindende „Bundesalgenstammtisch“ ist die deutschsprachige Kommunikationsplattform für alle, die mit der Algenbiotechnologie in Wissenschaft und Industrie befasst sind. 2017 stehen Produktionsverfahren vom Reaktorddesign über Lichtmanagement bis zur Aufbereitung im Fokus.

Beiträge werden bis 15. Februar 2017 angenommen. 

Details auf der Tagungswebsite

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11th International Phycological Congress

of the International Phycological Society

Szczecin, Poland

13-19 August 2017 

Details: conference website

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Conferences of other Organizations

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