Section's Conference

Conferences of the Phycology Section

Every other year - inbetween the international Botanikertagung - the Section organizes a scientific conference to discuss latest reaserch results.

Next Meetings

Members will meet at the next Botanikertagung in Rostock in September 2019. The upcoming scientific Conference of the Phycology Section will be held in Cologne / Surroundings in spring 2020.

Past Meetings

The archives lists past Section's meetings. including images and conference gleanings.

Other Conferences

International Botanikertagung

Conference of the German Society for Plant Sciences

Rostock, Germany

15 - 19 September 2019


European Phycological Congress (EPC7)

Zagreb, Croatia

25 to 30 August 2019


Phycomorph Working Group Meeting 2018

Denmark, Grenaa

8+9. October 2018

Registration: free of charge

Details on Phycomorph website

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