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Algae to land plant transition

A meeting in Seville, Spain, on 30 June 2019, will focus on Algal model systems on the rise: Understanding and exploiting the algae to land plant transition. The programme organized by Henrik Buschmann (Osnabrück, Germany) and Andreas Holzinger (Innsbruck, Austria) is full of exciting speakers (see Conference Poster, pdf). They will be discussing the evolutionary novelties that enabled the Charophyte algae to colonize land and change the world forever. This meeting will aim to foster experimental research on Charophyte algae and will be covering areas including molecular biology, EvoDevo, phylogenomics and synthetic biology. Invited speakers are:

  • Pierre-Marc Delaux (Université de Toulouse, CNRS, France)
  • David Domozych (Skidmore College, USA)
  • Linda Graham (University of Wisconsin, USA)
  • Zoë Popper (National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland)
  • Stefan Rensing (University of Marburg, German)
  • Hiroyuki Sekimoto (Japan Women's University, Japan)
  • Burkhard Becker (University of Cologne, Germany)
  • Martha Cook (Illinois State University, USA)

The Meeting will take place shortly before the conference of SEB (Society of Experimental Biology, 2-5 July 2019)  featuring lots of plant biology (see SEB's poster, pdf). 

More details on the conference website


IV International Conference: Advances in Modern Phycology

Kiev, Ukraine

18 - 20 May 2019

Details: Website (pdf file)


European Phycological Congress (EPC7)

Zagreb, Croatia

25 to 30 August 2019

Details on conference website



Conference of the German Society for Plant Sciences

Rostock, Germany

15 - 19 September 2019

Details on conference website


59th CPS (Czech Phycological Society) Conference

University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice, Czech Republic

September 23 - 25 September 2019

Details at website